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Leadership Training

We develop your supervisors and managers to be hard on the task and job, but soft and smart on the working relationships. We know unhappy workers are unproductive. We develop your supervisors and managers to have a multiplying affect that builds the talent of your workforce.

Behavioural Safety

Reduce Preventable Injuries and Preventable Errors. Our Behavioural Safety Programmes help your workforce learn why we make dumb mistakes and train them to work safer naturally. When we know more, we can do more.


Did you know the average cost to a business for a lost time injury is ~$10,000?


Train your workers to prevent human errors before they cost.


Develop your frontline leaders to be safety and productivity focused

Too many injuries. Too many errors

  • Very few errors are intentional.
  • We tell workers to be safe, but we don’t teach them how.
  • Competency and more training isn’t the solution, it’s part of the problem.
  • Workers can easily avoid errors if they know how to Switch On
  • Our Safe Instinct Behavioural Safety Programmes are designed to reduce needless errors and injuries.

Complacency Solution

Learn why our current approaches to preventable errors aren’t as successful as they could be. Find our why more training and more competence is not the solution. Download your free copy now.

Are you in OH&S?

Do you need to learn more about Behavioural Safety?

Does your company need to reduce preventable injuries and errors?


Think: State of Mind, Movement and Energy before starting.

Priming for Safe Behaviour is the best way to reduce preventable errors

  • Our Safe Instinct programme provides real world tool box talk training sessions.
  • We help your workers learn why they make errors and how to stop making them.
  • We have short awareness sessions through to cultural change programs.
  • All programs are flexible, production friendly and designed for small to medium businesses.
  • All our programs are cost effective and designed to allow even the smallest company to participate.

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