How much does your Safe Behaviour Programme cost?

We want to ensure all small to medium size businesses can be safer and learn from this content, so we costed our SBP is based on the numbers of people you will train. So, 1 – 10 people, 11 – 20, 21 – 50, 51 – 100, 100 + are our separation points.

How is the Safe Behaviour Programme designed?

We’ve designed it to be fully flexible. You can deliver it in a large group, a small group in a pre – start toolbox talk, or even self-paced, individually for those who need to catch up on a module. It is designed to be delivered over a 12-month period, but you can modify it to your needs.

We’ve designed it so that your Supervisors can deliver it. They can either run the full video and facilitate the discussion questions they are provided, or they can do all the talking and use the videos that do not have the voice over. The choice is and should be theirs.

We also have assessment documents with standard answer that appear during the videos, and at the end to facilitate learning and to help you at audit time.

If I buy the Behavioural Safety Guru Programme, can I use that to train my workforce?

No, the price for the BSG Programme is very cheap and is designed just for Safety Professionals. You will need to purchase the SBP to deliver the material to your company. Or if you wish, you can develop your own 11 modules – we strongly advise comparing the costs of development against our purchase price first.

What outcomes can we expect from your Training?

Each module has its own specific outcomes identified in the Lesson Plan. Overall, you can expect your workforce to:

  • Understand why complacency is normal behaviour
  • Learn what they need to do to manage their unsafe states of mind better
  • Manage their behaviour to mitigate the key risk behaviours and the key risk hazards
  • Switch On before engaging in a Task.

Of course, not all employees and not all Supervisors for that matter will buy into the programme. But it is also a good selection tool and it is important you have key personnel, your champions, driving the programme until you reach the “tipping point”.

How are Switched On Academy and Breaking Ground related?

Switched On Academy is a registered trading name of Breaking Ground Pty Ltd.

What is your background?

Carl Tinsley is the Managing Director and Principal designer of Breaking Ground. He is a behavioural specialist bringing over 25 years of expertise in Resources and Emergency Response training to this field. Carl is Accredited in Conversational IQ, a Master of NLP, a Conversational Hypnotherapist and holds numerous university and TAFE qualifications. Our videos use a combination of techniques from these fields to ensure learners get the most form the training.

How long is each training module?

Each module averages between 25 – 35 minutes of content. Depending how you deliver the programme, allowing about 45 minutes to an hour per session is usual.

What do you mean by Sticky Learning?

Sticky Learning is simply a term used to describe a range of techniques that help workers transfer their learning to the workplace. We provide you with summary posters, and other material to help with this. Previous modules are also recapped at the start of each month.

Can I send the training modules to my friends or other companies to use?

No, but we are happy to discuss a discounted rate if you make a recommendation to another peer.

Can I share the Free Resources?

Yes you can, but you must leave all citations attributions to Breaking Ground and Switched On Academy on the material. You can share them but not change them.

When I contact you, what can I expect?

If you contact us by email, we will get back to you ASAP to discuss if we are in a position to do some work together. We are salespeople, we will see if your needs match our products and we will go from there.

Still have questions?